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BQI, All Thing Dogs tells you about herself.


Internet Deva all 12lb of me, my mum found me with my litter pals at a Cat and small Dog rescue event. She was looking for a Siamese Cat,  Do I look like a Cat?  No, don’t tell her, I am a ChiWeenie.

She made the name BQI from B=Brian and QI=Life Energy in honor of my late human dad.  Guess she figured Brian wouldn’t work due to me being a girl. 

Most people think I am sweet and shy …  with great ability for adventure and shopping.  






BTbones, All Thing Dogs tells about himself


aka “Bad to the Bones”, I was homeless but found this gate and door partly open, walked in,  jumped on a chair,  made myself at home. (they didn’t see it coming)

Lesson learned if you don’t want the likes of me walking in your home don’t leave the gate/door open.

History in the making now I am an internet star.  Really do I look that Bad? Enjoy our adventures and shopping.  🙂

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